Saturday, February 26, 2005

More progress

Tomorrow i have to go back to England to visit Dad in hospital, so work has to go on hold. Still it teaches me what is most important. On the website I have finished updating the pages as far as People/Traditions, maybe about halfway through. I put a note on my home page that the new version will be ready around May. I have created two Yahoo groups:

Amazon Tropical Forest and Jungle Photos Users

The aim is to provide a forum for discussing rainforest issues and the Jungle Photos website without having to worry so much about the backend maintenance.

I set up a domain SciEdge to promote my science education and outreach efforts. The aim is that this work complements and enhances the Jungle Photos site, as offering personal education products (such as presentations and travel programs) whereas Jungle Photos will offer free on-line information and ability-to-pay lesson plans.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Forest wars

Those who know me know that I am passionate about the rainforest. It has become my life, or a significant part of it. I wrote a travel guide to the rainforest and run a successful educational website.

Amazon rainforest book

Jungle Photos: images and information from the Amazon rainforest

Just recently, a nun was murdered in the state of Para, Brazil, probably because she had devoted her life to the poor, and trying to protect them, hence their land, from unbridled exploitation by loggers, agribusiness, mining, etc. This is just one of many such killings over the past few years. Essentially we are seeing a low-intensity war unfolding, a war over the forest. Such conflicts are bound to spread. As population increases and resources shrink, there will be less to go around and squabbles will break out into fights, battles and war. This is the beginning of forest wars...

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I am making slow but steady progress at this stage. The Africa and Galapagos sections were completed some time ago. Presently the make over of the Amazon pages is proceeding. I have just completed the first page of the Amazon children section.