Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's been up and down these past few days. Jungle Photos that is. No fault of mine, but my webhost is having serious technical problems so the website has been offline nearly two whole days out of the past three. Not to worry, I suppose they'll figure things out. It's a shame because I've been with them three years with no problems up until now. Luckily school is out so its low season for traffic to the site anyway. So I've been busy on other projects. Trying to figure out how to do podcasting and audioblogs, also trying moblogging--sending messages through my cell phone. It would be cool if I could get it to work! Watch this space.

Other stuff in the pipeline is pretty routine; adding a natural history page for Amazon poison frogs, researching other topic areas.

I am working on a new edition of my book, The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide. It's a lot of updating but hopefully I'll meet the publisher's deadline. You can see the 2nd edition on (surprise!)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Catching up! Not!

Well, I am trying. Things are getting back on track. Today I had a minor panic attack when we temporarily went offline because my webhost accidentally canceled my account! Arrghh. Well, they fixed things quickly and all is well. They're usually pretty good!

So there are lots of things in the pipeline. I've recently revamped the News sections which were taking a lot of time to update. Now the links to daily news are available via an automated feed (I've not yet worked how to configure it to deliver XML so you can get an RSS feed). So the news updates automatically on the fly. "Look, Mom! No hands!" The CMS system now works as an archive for headline news, updated weekly. Hopefully visitors will appreciate this consistency.

I'm working on other projects. My project de jour is to do audioblogs, and graduate up to podcasts. I figured out how to do a simple audioblog just be making a phone call. Check out the test audioblog, just before this entry. Watch this space for new audioblogs soon!

There's the routine content stuff. Coming up next is poison (dart) frog natural history. Then I have a bunch of other ideas; such as the Amazon passport and Amazon tour guide. But those are a steep learning curve and might take a lot of restructuring to do right. We'll see.

Oh well, time to go explore the Jungle! See ya.

My first audio blog! (Just a test)

Hi there,

This is my first audio blog! It's just a test.

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