Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm back!

It's been so long since I lasted posted here that some of you must have thought I was lost in the Amazon jungle! Well I am back, not from the Amazon, but from a crazily busy time with too many projects filling my life. But it's been a lot of fun! In any case, I found time to add some content to the website, such as the information on caiman natural history and a new Amazon plant quiz. It's been hard to keep up with the news updates. I'd really like to hire someone to do that (any takers?!). I've been steadily adding ads to the pages, and revenue is creeping up there. Google ads have been doing really well. Time spent on that has been a really good investment. If I had ten websites each providing me the same monthly income, I could retire! For now it's not enough to live off, but it's a pretty steady source of income. And it's so easy! If you're interested in making money, there's a lot harder ways than Google Adsense!