Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Woefully long it is... That I've not contributed here. But today I am aiming to change that. Among my interests is science education. A group that I have belonged to for several years called MEGA, based at North Carolina State University, helps nurture this interest and keep me in touch with new and emerging ideas. The relevance for Jungle Photos is to fold these ideas into the content and functionality of the website to enhance the visitor experience. Today I went to a MEGA meeting, where one of the guest speakers was David Warlick who is at the forefront of implementing educational solutions in the classroom. He spoke of a new pardigm in information, describing the interaction of blogging and wikis as a way of creating content and communicating. This is Web 2.0, as he described. Such a scenario is consistent with business model and vision of Jungle Photos, so I am going to make further efforts to figure how to integrate the technology into Jungle Photos.

One idea I have is to use Google news to feed RSS content directly into my CMS news pages. At the moment this is a time-consuming effort involving cutting and pasting, formatting and so on. Quite an ordeal!

Some progress has been made with my other web site, SciEdge which features a BBS and a wiki. I am still figuring out how to leverage this web site!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


With me! The sad fact is that I have been having technical "issues" so have been focused on those. Fixing a sick computer is one of those things that is a necessity, but one that's horribly time-consuming! Hence the relative lack of activity on this blog...

Aside from these latest challenges, I have been busy exporing options that are consistent with my mission in life: viz. an outlet for my love of writing and of science. Well, hope rests eternal!

So... so life goes on! Added to that our house has been half demolished from the inside out in search of elusive colonies of mold that may be hiding behind walls, under floors, and in other nooks and crannies that otherwise escape our daily (yearly!) attention.

But... but life goes on! I am thoroughly occupied with its slings and arrows, working on some great projects, meeting great people, so it's just a matter of plugging away to get things off the checklist!