Friday, August 18, 2006

Plans afoot at hand

Feet, hands, toes, fingers, who cares? The point is we have umpteen changes underway. A "big" change will be to change the color of links to blue—the present color seems to confuse some users. Another idea is to have a slideshow so users can just see pictures instead of having to see the information. I have put some photos on so might use that or might figure out a way to do the slide show wholly on the website so people don't have to go out of the domain. The idea is to get people to come to Jungle Photos, not to give them reasons to leave!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Phew. At last!

Well, the immediate crisis is over it seems. Apparently a setting on my billing profile was incorrect, causing my account to be closed every billing cycle, which is every day. The problem was eventually figured out, but it's annoying that tech support took a week to figure it out!

I took the time to build content and experiment. There is a new shopping page for back to school stuff This is a good model to use for other seasonal promotions.

Even more fun has been messing around with different ways of blogging. Today I took a picture of my office with my mobile phone and blogged it from the phone. (Look, Mom! No computer!)

Computers are ergonomically friendlier than phones, but the phone is a great way to do quick pics if you just want to tell a story on the fly. The blog can also serve as an archive if your phone memory can't hold more than a few pictures.