Thursday, May 26, 2005


Well, it's not "Who wants to be a millionaire?" but we think our quizzes are really cool! We've just added three self-graded quizzes about the Amazon rainforest; one is a geography quiz and there are two animal quizzes. They're a lot of fun to do! The aim is to provide teachers and students an engaging way to test their knowledge about what's on the Jungle Photos website and to learn about the Amazon rainforest. Want to test your skills? Check out the quizzes here: Amazon rainforest quizzes

Friday, May 20, 2005

Breaking news! (It's bad)

Amazon deforestation is up. About 10,000 square miles were lost in 2004, or an area the size of Maryland. Chopped down, hauled off to sawmills, burned, etc. It's gone. Instead we have fields of soybeans. That's it, I am off tofu and edamame. What's really needed is to consume responsibly. We should be eating soy products that are locally grown. Buying local produce supports local farmers, reduces fossil fuel use and, you never know, might even save an acre or two of rainforest. You can read a collection of news reports about the Brazilian government survey posted on the website.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's late...

But work proceeds apace. Now that the spiffy new home page is done, and the sections sport a consistent look, I can shift gears to developing content. Today I added a quiz to the Amazon section, and will shortly be adding new quizzes transferred from the old site. So this is not new content as such but revamped content. What is new is a jigsaw! Check it outI found a site that will make a jigsaw from an image, so I promptly made a page. I think I need a new section, Games or something, considering
I also have a crossword to go in there. It's fun developing that stuff, but I also need to focus on the bread and butter, or what I hope will be bread and butter, lesson plans, publications and the like... Watch this space!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's in the can!

Wow! It was a rush to the finish there, but the main work is done for now, the upgrade is complete. The Amazon section was finished off quickly, so then it was just a matter of completing the portal pages. Now all three sections can be accessed from the home page so that navigation is consistent throughout. No more frames! I made a long list of improvements and added some pages, so I am hoping that this will be reflected in increased traffic. I am developing a longer-term strategy with a view to commercializing the website to enhance its value to users. All the details can be found on the new About and FAQ pages from the portal (Home) page.