Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sorry, sorry, sorry

It's been soooo long, I know. And I've neglected my pet blog for so long... If it was alive, it would have starved by now.

First I am just so horrendously busy, working on far too many projects, all of them fun, of course! Second, I have no idea if this blog is read by ANYONE! Third, I am still figuring out how it is different from JPUG.

Still, there's lots happening in Jungle Photos world, not as fast as I'd like but things are getting organized and systematized. The site's providing some nice pocket money, although the stats seem pretty, well, static. The site gets around 5,000 visitors a day, a figure I'd like to see going up.

Still, I think I am going about it the right way, to build content, and to strengthen the brand. Once all the natural history pages are done (I am up to toucans!) I'll finish creating the online gallery so visitors can purchase online. Once that's done, I'll start to add more photos. Hopefully by then, I'll have made a trip or two more and a chance to get some photos that are sorely lacking. I'd love more Africa photos, and a bunch more Galapagos photos. Of course, since this is a business, I should be able to write off the costs. :)